Invite Tom to Speak

Since 2008, Tom has spoken with over 30,000 students, young professionals, and community leaders at over 250 colleges, corporations, and community groups throughout the United States. Tom has spoken with students within a number of functional areas on college campuses including Greek Life, Residence Life, Orientation, Career Services, Athletics, Student Activities, Leadership, Civic Engagement, the Sophomore Year Experience, and Alumni Affairs. To book him for an upcoming program email Katie Mahoney at or call (412) 608-8842. Thanks for your interest in inviting Tom to speak with your group.  

Program A- Get Involved! Today
In this interactive session, Tom shares with new students and emerging leaders on campus about the personal and professional benefits of becoming active and joining groups. Becoming a name and not a number is an essential piece of college success and personal fulfillment. This session focuses on finding out what organizations and clubs will be the best fit for students to extend the volunteer experiences and develop as leaders. Tom has been involved with dozens of organizations throughout high school, college, graduate school, and his professional career. When he got to college Tom had never previously been involved in student government and went on to win four straight elections to become a freshman senator, Vice President, and two terms as Student Body President. His collegiate experience and involvements since are a great example for young potential leaders of what they can achieve.
A sample half day agenda for this program:
Introduction of speaker/background
The new you starts today discussion
“The Link” activity 
Discussion of personal benefits of being involved
Discussion of professional opportunities through being active
Determine what students are passionate about through brainstorming
Practice “elevator speech” for meeting other students, faculty, and professional staff
Role playing exercises to increase student comfort level in new situations
Goal setting for next steps to become active on and connected to campus
“Why not me?” discussion
Key student learning outcomes
Students will:
  • explore ways to become more entrenched on campus
  • increase their participation in activities and learn the value of attending events  
  • learn techniques to get involved with campus organizations 
  • discuss strategies to become a go to leader within organizations 
  • begin to optimize their time through goal setting and managing their schedule effectively
  • develop strategies to introduce themselves to others and feel more comfortable networking 
  • brainstorm what they are passionate about and take steps to make a positive difference

Program B- Opportunity doesn't always knock at your door
Students have an incredible opportunity during their college years to grow their leadership skills and develop connections that will benefit their career. By utilizing their voice on campus and managing projects they can gain practical experience that will showcase their potential to employers. Conducting informational interviews and obtaining internships are just a few of the strategies that Tom shares to enable students to have terrific positions on graduation day.
A sample half day agenda for this program:
Introduction of speaker/background
Overcoming “BMOC/BWOC syndrome” after college
The personal and professional benefits of staying active after college 
Brainstorming leaders to conduct informational interviews with
“If money didn’t matter, what would you do for a living?” exercise
“Events don’t plan themselves” discussion
How to get connected for future success while still in college
Goal setting for next steps to ensure future engagement and volunteer involvements
Key student learning outcomes
Students will:
  • strategize manners in which campus involvements can help their career
  • conduct information interviews with professionals and civic leaders who they admire 
  • put into practice systems to ensure that they are active following college and stay connected to the institution 
  • begin to quantify what they do on campus and include their achievements effectively in their resumes 
  • determine if they are missing out on good opportunities on campus directly related to what they feel passionate about
  • assess their current leadership practices and how they can adapt their behavior

Program C- Leaving your legacy
Tom empowers and inspires current leaders to extend their experiences and to ensure that they leave a legacy on campus. This session focuses on strategies to enable leaders to organize projects, plan events, recruit students, and motivate their members. If students want to make a mark on campus and become effective servant leaders this presentation will be a great fit.
A sample half day agenda for this program:
Introduction of speaker/background
Making the most of every day in college
Your decisions now impact your career and future
Examples of students who have created their legacy
Starting new events, programs, and initiatives
Brainstorm potential ways to impact campus before you graduate
Replacing yourself- recruitment is your responsibility
Don’t monday morning quarterback later, do the work now discussion
Goal setting for immediate steps to leave your legacy on campus
Key student learning outcomes
Students will:
  • assess their current footprint on campus and determine if they would like to make adaptations
  • develop programs, events, or organizations that can benefit the current student body and also students in the future 
  • set goals for the remainder of their time in college  
  • organize recruitment programs and initiatives to help increase membership in their current groups 
  • consider manners in which they can stay active with their college after they become alumni

Program D-Mentoring Matters
Tom has spent his entire life coaching, training, and mentoring others and shares strategies with students about ways to empower others, train future leaders, and coordinate mentoring programs. When Tom graduated from college the first group he became involved with was Big Brothers Big Sisters. Today, his little brother is a sophomore in college and Tom serves as the Vice President of Programs for BBBS of Greater Pittsburgh. Tom discusses in this program the need to educate, involve, and inspire others through thoughtful guidance as an essential piece to being an effective leader.
A sample half day agenda for this program:
Introduction of speaker/background
Tom’s experience as a Big Brother
Who were your mentors when you were growing up? discussion
What makes a positive mentor? discussion 
Student mentoring involvement assessment
The need for mentors discussion
“You are a role model” story
What are ways in which you already are a mentor?
What are ways in which you can become more of a role model?
Goal setting related to empowering and positively influencing others
Key student learning outcomes
Students will:
  • learn about best practices and trends within the mentoring community
  • characterize what they and their peers consider to be positive mentoring traits
  • consider how they can become more active as mentors on campus 
  • determine how they can continue as mentors after college
  • assess how they can grow and develop as role models for younger students on campus 
  • improve their leadership and communication skills when working in teams to showcase positive behavior  

Tom has spoken with thousands of students at dozens of colleges throughout the country including:

Allegheny College

Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Cabrini College
Carlow University
Carnegie Mellon University
The College at Brockport: State University of New York
Community College of Allegheny County
DeSales University
Duquesne University
Indiana University of PA
La Roche College
Millersville University
Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
New York University
Point Park University
University of North Carolina at Pembroke
University of Pittsburgh
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Robert Morris University
Seton Hill University
Slippery Rock University
St Joseph’s University
Westmoreland County Community College
York College

As a sample, Tom's speeches and appearances from 2008-2010 are included below
January 12- University of Pittsburgh Tower B (speaker)
January 18- Martin Luther King, Jr Event at Union Project (speaker)
January 19- Pitt Career and Leadership Development Center (panelist)
January 21- Power Hour #4
January 31- Baierl Family YMCA Teen Leadership meeting (speaker)
February 16- Mentoring Leadership Network (panelist)
February 17- Community Bridge Building Network (panelist)
February 17- PUMP Running for Public Office (panelist)
February 18- St Joseph’s University (speaker)
February 19- Pittsburgh Job Corps Center (speaker)
February 20- Carlow University Women and Leadership (speaker)
February 21- PA Special Olympics Winter Games Opening Ceremonies (keynote speaker and Honorary Chairman)
February 23- Power Hour #5
February 26- Elizabethtown Spirit of Lincoln Dinner (keynote speaker)
February 27- University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Career Conference (speaker)
February 28- Carnegie Mellon MOSAIC Conference (panelist)
March 10- City High School (panelist)
March 17- Kiwanis Club Leadership Conference, Indiana, PA (speaker)
March 17- Duquesne University Facilities Management Awards Luncheon (speaker)
March 18- Pittsburgh Sci Tech Academy (panelist)
March 25- Power Hour #6
March 26- Chamber Connections Route 8 (speaker)
April 10- YRNF National Conference in New Orleans, LA (presenter)
April 15- Fashions for Kids Sake (Co-Emcee)
April 18- State University of New York Brockport (speaker)
April 20- City Council Proclamation ceremony for “Get Involved! Service Summit Day”
April 20- Society of Women Engineers (speaker)
April 22- Get Involved! Pittsburgh Service Summit
April 23- The Future is Mine Conference (speaker)
April 23- CCAC Job Fair (speaker)
April 24- 5th Annual Let them Eat Cake (emcee)
April 27- Power Hour #7
May 5- South Asia Summit (speaker)
May 7- Presentation of SAHE Student Leadership Award- IUP
May 11- Cranberry Chamber of Commerce (speaker)
May 11- Lawrence County rally (speaker)
May 14- Moss Side Middle School (speaker)
May 19- North Hills Community Outreach (staff meeting speaker)
May 24- Power Hour #8
June 1- Transform Pittsburgh (emcee)
June 3- Spectrum Charter School (graduation speaker)
June 8- Presentation of Get Involved! Allderdice Student Leadership Award
June 13- Elks Lodge 258 Flag Day Ceremony (speaker)
June 16- Parkway West Rotary Club (speaker)
June 17- A Political Point Radio Show- The Point is-Education (radio guest)
June 18- PPG Industries, Inc. Summer Interns
June 28- Americorps KEYS (speaker)
June 29- Power Hour #9
July 7- Coro RPO Kickoff at City Council Chambers (emcee)
July 10- Carlow University Alumni Board (speaker)
July 15- Regional Internship Center Karaoke night (emcee)
July 29- Baker Leadership Speakers Bureau Launch
August 1- Celebrity Scooper at Rita’s Italian Ice
August 6- Leadership Academy for student athletes at Robert Morris University (speaker)
August 12- A Political Point Radio Show- The Point is-Running for Public Office (guest)
August 21- PAYR Leadership Conference (speaker)
August 22- Pre-Scholars Institute Student Leadership Conference (keynote speaker)
August 26- Academic Olympics (event moderator)
August 29- Carlow University Activities Fair (audiobook signing)
August 31- Power Hour #10
September 1- Millersville University Store (book signing and speaker)
September 1- Lancaster County YR’s (speaker)
September 8- University of Pittsburgh CR’s (speaker)
September 10- Americorps KEYS (speaker)
September 11- 2010 imPAct Conference in Harrisburg, PA (panelist)
September 23- University of Pittsburgh Leadership Seminar (guest speaker)
September 29- PCTV 21 taping of Day of Giving (airs on October 13)
September 29 - Power Hour #11
October 1- Rotary Annual District Social (speaker)
October 5- Slippery Rock University Career Services (speaker)
October 6- Thomas Jefferson Think Tank (speaker)
October 8- North Hills Community Outreach (presenter)
October 9- Westmoreland County Community College Leadership Conference (keynote)
October 12- Indiana University of PA Associates for Student Development (speaker)
October 14- Hillel/J’Burgh meeting (speaker)
October 18- Pennsylvania College Personnel Association Conference (presenter)
October 19- Allegheny College (speeches at 12pm, 8pm)
October 20- Churchill Wilkins Rotary Club (speaker)
October 21- New York City YR’s (speaker)
October 23- University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg Conference (keynote speaker)
October 26- Monroeville Sunrise Rotary Club (speaker)
October 26 - Power Hour #12
October 28- University of Pittsburgh Pathway to Professions (speaker)
November 2- “His Place” on Cornerstone TeleVision Network (talk show guest)
November 4- Celebrity Bartender for Mixers and Shakers Airport Chamber event
November 5- Engineers Without Borders Regional Workshop (keynote speaker)
November 6- Rotary Club Pancake Breakfast fundraiser (co-emcee)
November 6- Hearts and Hands Gala (co-emcee)
November 9- Gateway High School – The Future Is Mine (speaker)
November 9- Carlow University SGA Debate (moderator)
November 16- Cabrini College (brown bag speech – 11:30am, keynote-6pm)
November 29- Coro RPO Debate at City Council Chambers (moderator)
November 30 - Power Hour #13
November 30- University of Pittsburgh New Student Athlete Program (keynote)
December 8- Recruitment training at RCAC (speaker)
December 14- "Strategy Room"  (guest on show)
December 14- “Stossel” on Fox News (guest on show)
December 16- Power Hour #14
January 10, 2011- Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY (speaker)
January 11, 2011- "His Place" show on Cornerstone Network (tv guest)
January 26, 2011- Pittsburgh Service Summit 4-9pm @ Carlow University
January 31, 2011- Norwin Rotary Club (speaker)
February 10, 2011- Fashion For Kids Sake (co-emcee)
March 28-29, 2011- ACPA Conference (presenter)
May 7, 2011 - Let Them Eat Cake (emcee)  


January 10- Carnegie Mellon University (speaker)
January 21- Society of Women Engineers (speaker)
January 29- PPS Youth Roundtable (panelist)
February 8- York College of PA (speaker)
February 15- Seton Hill University (speaker)
February 20- KEYS Service Corps- AmeriCorps (speaker)
February 21- University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg (speaker)
February 26- Pitt Law School (speaker)
February 28- Bruce Fox Luncheon-Montgomery County (speaker)
March 3- Young Professionals of Indiana (speaker)
March 6- New York University (speaker)
March 23- PPG Industries Young Professionals (speaker)
March 23- Positively Pittsburgh Live (interview guest)
March 26- IUP SGA (speaker)
April 7- National Literacy Corps Conference (panelist)
April 14- DeSales University Senior Success Series (speaker)
April 15- Bolivia Youth Summit (speaker)
April 16- CAPA High School (speaker)
April 19- The College at Brockport- State University of New York (speaker)
April 21- Seton Hill University Leadership Dinner (speaker)
April 22- Carnegie Mellon Alumni Association (speaker)
April 23- BBBS PA State Association Conference (speaker)
April 29- Air & Waste Management Association (speaker)
May 9- Joseph Beth Booksellers (speaker)
May 16- Rotary District Conference- Erie (speaker)
May 17- Carlow University Student Government Board (speaker)
May 26- Finding Balance in a Hectic Life @ Coro (speaker)
June 4- PPG Summer Interns (speaker)
July 8- Propel Pittsburgh Commission Panel (moderator)
July 16- Regional Internship Center Summer Program (speaker/emcee)
July 21- Champions Series (speaker)
July 24- Night Talk on PCNC (guest)
July 27- Americorps (speaker)
August 6- PNC Summer Interns (speaker)
August 15- PAYR Leadership Conference (speaker)
August 20- The Best of Get Involved! Audiobook Release Event @ Joseph Beth Booksellers
August 26- The Best of Get Involved! Audiobook Launch Party with YRAC @ Six Penn
August 28- Millersville University Convocation (keynote speaker)
August 29- UPJ Orientation (speaker)
August 30- Carlow University Activities Fair (book signing)
August 31- The Best of Get Involved! Kickoff Party @ Shadow Lounge
September 2- Carlow University (speaker)
September 4- Americorps (speaker)
September 12- Lawrence County YRs (speaker)
September 16- CAST Staff meeting (speaker)
September 16- University of Pittsburgh Phi Beta Lambda (speaker)
September 21- Carlow University (speaker)
September 22- Butler County Young Professionals (speaker)
September 28- UNC Pembroke (speaker)
October 7- Lancaster County YR's (speaker)
October 8- St Joseph’s University Lunchtime Program 12 pm (speaker)
October 8- St Joseph’s University Leadership Speaker Series 4 pm (speaker)
October 9- Volunteer Administrators of SWPA (speaker)
October 11- Fayette County YR Dinner (speaker)
October 13- The Future is Mine- Gateway High School (speaker)
October 20- PCPA Conference- Get Involved! PCPA (presenter) 9 a.m.
October 20- PCPA Conference- How to Master Your Masters Program (co-presenter with Lynn Burke) 10:15 a.m.
October 20- CAST - Peabody High School/Pitt (speaker)
October 21- Get Involved! Power Hour
October 24- Millersville University (speaker)
October 26- University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering Transfer Seminar (speaker)
October 26- Coro Women in Leadership (speaker)
November 6- CNAA Conference Kickoff Session (speaker)
November 7- Pittsburgh East Rotary Foundation Pancake Breakfast (emcee)
November 7- Coro Annual Gathering (speaker)
November 9- Society of Professional Hispanic Engineers (speaker)
November 12- Mayor Ravenstahl's Graduate Pittsburgh Summit (emcee)
November 18- Carlow University SGA Debate (moderator)
November 24- Get Involved! Power Hour #2
December 5- 8th Annual Heinz History Center Book Fair                                 
December 10- Empress of Biz Radio Show (Guest)                                       
December 15- Northern Allegheny Chamber of Commerce (speaker)              
December 16- Get Involved! Power Hour #3                                                 
December 17- Coro Running for Public Office Debate (moderator)


February 2- UPG EDGE Career Seminar (speaker)
March 14- Gateway HS Peer Leadership Training (speaker)
March 29- La Roche College (speaker)
April 17- Carnegie Mellon University (speaker)
April 23- Carlow University (keynote speaker)
April 27- Millersville University Lambda Chi Alpha (speaker)
April 28- Millersville University Book Store (book signing)
May 5- Book Launch Party @ City Theatre
May 10- Monroeville Borders (book signing)
May 27- Joseph-Beth Booksellers (book signing)
May 29- Entrepreneurial Thursday (speaker)
June 27- PPG Industries, Inc. (presentation w/ interns)
July 10- North Hills Community Outreach (speaker)
July 17- Regional Internship Center Summer Program (speaker/emcee)
July 22- Plum Rotary Club (speaker)
July 26- Ohio YR's Convention (speaker)
July 30- Mt. Lebanon Rotary Club (speaker)
August 1- Turtle Creek Rotary Club (program speaker)
August 7- Monroeville Area Chamber of Commerce (speaker)
August 8- Duquesne University- (speaker with Ireland Institute)
August 9- Borders Pittsburgh East Side(Authors Showcase)
August 19- Pittsburgh East Rotary Club (speaker)
August 23- Carlow University Orientation (speaker)
September 4- Entrepreneurial Thursday (speaker)
September 9- Point Park University (speaker)
September 10- Carnegie Library-Oakland (speaker)
September 14- Pennsylvania ImPAct Conference (speaker/presenter)
September 25- Pittsburgh Young Professionals (speaker)
September 28- American Student Government Association National Student Government Summit (presenter)
October 10- HDR Engineering, Inc. (speaker)
October 15- Monroeville Public Library (speaker)
October 17- Pitt CPLE Kickoff (speaker)
October 18- University of Pittsburgh-Greensburg (keynote speaker)
October 20- Pennsylvania College Personnel Association Conference (presenter)
October 22- Indiana University of PA- ASD (speaker)
October 26- Walk On Fashion Show (emcee)
October 27- Moon Township Community Access TV (guest)
October 29- CCAC Boyce (speaker)
November 1- Millersville University Homecoming (speaker)
November 5- NSP Lab Speaker Series (speaker)
November 14- Delta Sigma Pi- Pitt (speaker)
November 18- Hunger and Homelessness Panel- Duquesne University (panelist)
November 11- Night Talk on PCNC (guest)
November 20- Butler County YRs (speaker)